Nov 13, 2015

Best in Category at AOP Awards

The lovely AOP judges have been very nice to me this year. One of my photographs was awarded Best in Category and two others were selected for inclusion in the AOP Photography Awards 2015, held this year at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. 

The winning image's background was shot in an onsen in Asakusa, Tokyo. I shot the model, art director Kiminori Suzuki, in studio, and worked with CGI artist and retoucher Pierrick Guenneugues of Sparklink to create the full irezumi look, adding the tattooed body suit to complete his resemblance to a Yakuza gangster.

The other two images selected were in the Non-Commissioned Environment and Commissioned Design categories. 

This shows the queue of cars waiting to enter the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote. My eye was caught by the vivid splashes of colour amidst the arid desolation of the volcanic landscape, devastated by eruptions in the 1730s.

This image was commissioned by Parisian agency Grenade & Sparks as part of a series celebrating the construction of a new hotel by the Vinci building group for the Melia chain at La Défense, Paris' business district. Thanks to art director Jérôme Le Moine.

Click here to see more commissioned work and here to see the rest of the Vinci project. 

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