Jun 23, 2024

Fine art commission in Jersey City, USA

I was delighted to be invited to work with Visto art consultancy to create work as part of my Impossible Street Art series for a new real estate development by Alpine in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

I spent several days photographing iconic landmarks and areas of Jersey City, then worked with local street artists Joe Iurato, RH Doaz, Barc the Dog, 4SAKN and Chris RWK who painted on large-scale photographic prints to create unique, hand-crafted artworks. I then rephotographed the painted photographs in situ in the various locations.

For this piece with RH Doaz I photographed the New Jersey turnpike from the 24th floor of a partially completed building overlooking the Statue of Liberty, and spotted a pair of bald eagles soaring above me.

The final pieces are among the largest prints I have ever done - up to 3 metres wide - and are now in the lobby of the Starling Building, JC.

It was fascinating seeing Joe Iurato's creative process. He worked with a set of eight wooden stencils to create the delicate shading and fine lines of the young girl playing with a moored boat on the Morris Canal. I miscalculated the tides when preparing this picture and had to contend with rising water while rephotographing his print. Fortunately only my feet got wet!

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