Sep 11, 2019

Invisible Jumpers book out now

I’m very excited to announce that my Knitted Camouflage project with Nina Dodd has now been published as a beautiful hard-back book by Hoxton Mini Press, entitled ‘Invisible Jumpers’.

The book features 25 pieces of bespoke knitwear, blending humans, animals and even bananas into their surroundings, from bus seats to bushes, carpets to coastlines.

There are also behind the scenes pictures and an introduction by acclaimed photography writer and gallerist Laura Noble.

The book will be released in bookshops at the end of September and you can click here to order now.

Thanks so much to all the people who gave their time and help to make the project happen:

Matt & Pete at Additive, Stanislas Belhomme, Bore Place, Carol at Brighton & Hove Buses, Lilli Burridge-Payne, Ela Calin, Charis Cassell, Julie Camus, Emma Coquet, Connor Daly, Dorothée Dauger, Peter Dennis, Amelia Ellison, Bobbie Farsides, Florence Ford, Sébastien Goepfert, Neal Grundy, James Hole, Franziska Holzer, Infinity Foods, Andras Jambor, Sue Johnson, Matthew Kahn, Max Langran, Stefania Lanza, Yann & Karine at La Plateform, Clémentine Lemaître, Rosie Mahoney, Georgia Meinert, Sophy Mirti, Barbi Mlczoch, Laura Noble, Margaux Rousse-Malpat, Nicolas Scordia, Tom Cole Simmonds, Barbara Soulié, Louise Turner, Renda van der Burg.

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