Apr 14, 2022

Finalist for 37th AOP Awards - Film and photo selected for Lifestyle category

I'm very pleased to announce that I've been selected as a Finalist for the 37th Association of Photographers Awards. A short film and a photograph have been shortlisted in the Lifestyle category

The film was made as part of my Invisible Jumpers series (see more here). I shot it with my friend, Chris, who works on an organic farm at Bore Place in Kent. We spent the day with a herd of cows, periodically having to run away from the bull, who didn't appreciate our presence.

I shot this picture of actor Kevin Bishop after Covid restrictions were eased in summer 2020. I met a group of stand-up paddle boarders who went out on the sea on the South Coast most mornings. Some of them had been commuting to London from Brighton for years and were used to rising early to get the train to work. Working from home they got up at the same time but went paddling on the sea for an hour before work. Amid all the stress and sadness it was good to see that the 'new normal' had enabled some changes for the better for some people.

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