May 19, 2023

Network Rail safety campaign

The team at Evoke Mind + Matter commissioned us to shoot the latest part of the Network Rail "Beware of the Bubble" campaign, illustrating the dangers and risks of crossing at level crossings.

The campaign by Network Rail aims to address the issue of distraction and promote careful behaviour among individuals using the railway. It has been developed based on one simple, psychological and relatable truth – we all live our lives ‘in a bubble’. We see far less of the world than we think we do, especially when we’re distracted by something, and this increases the risk of injury or harm.

Research has shown that a significant portion of the population is unaware of the dangers associated with the railway, and individuals can become complacent when they are familiar with their surroundings or preoccupied with other matters. To tackle this issue, the campaign has chosen to focus on individuals who regularly use footpath level crossings during the summer.

Over the past three years, 19 lives have been lost at level crossings involving pedestrians and cyclists, and within the last two years, five incidents involved dogs. Research has identified footpath crossings as the primary location for near miss incidents. The campaign aims to reach those who use footpath crossings as part of their regular routine to remind them of the dangers and to pay attention when using level crossings.

Agency: Evoke Mind+ Matter
Client: Network Rail
Head of Creative Expression: Adam Hayes
Account manager: Lucy Hobbs
Producer: Christine Harding
Models: Helen Minassian and Leon Dean
Post production: Ela Calin
CGI: Giant Bonsai
First Assistant: James Hole

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