Jan 16, 2020

Schön Mag

I wanted to explore the challenges of teen life. Paperboy is a metaphor for difference: how do you fit in when you’re made of card? His friends try to persuade him to swim with them but he’s scared to join in. He manages to adapt: where one of his friends ambushes another friend with a water pistol, he throws a shower of pieces of paper.

I came up with the idea for Paperboy a couple of years ago. Through Emma Taylor I met the amazing Jaina Minton, who dedicated an unreasonable amount of her time to creating Paperboy’s suit. Mentioning blood, sweat and tears doesn’t really do her effort justice – all I can say is thank you for understanding what I wanted to achieve and seeing it through to the end.

Huge shout out to Sid who managed to keep calm inside the Paperboy suit for two days.

Click here for the rest of the project.

Paper artist - Jaina Minton
DOP - George Laycock
Stylist - Laura Walters
Paperboy model - Sidney Hanson-Kahn
Models - Woody Cook @ PRM, Lucas Bonacorso @ Nevs, Jack Cox @ Nevs
Producer - James Hole
Post - Jonny @ Pop35, Brad Spencer
Stylist's assistant - Amelia Ellison
Production assistants - Georgia Meinert, Poppy Gooch

Music - “Don’t let the man get you down”, used by kind permission of Fatboy Slim

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